School catering

School dinners are often lacklustre and frequently poor in nutritional value. Although large catering companies have improved presentation of the service in most cases, the branding spin has done little to truly improve quality on the plate, children’s health, or sustainable methods.

Parents, and growing numbers pupils themselves, are demanding a better deal. The media along with medical professionals are now highlighting the importance of early nutritional balance on a daily basis. The pressure on heads, school managers and governors to improve school catering facilities is expected to dramatically increase.

Schools remain frustrated that these issues cannot easily be resolved. Space constraints, ageing kitchens, and small service areas combined with large queues and low-paid catering staff mean it is difficult to make progress.

Even the large commercial caterers who now manage nearly half of our school catering services are caught in a dilemma between commercially cheap, easy to produce, profitable foods and the need to provide a more responsible, healthier, nutritious offering which is acceptable to parents and more discerning pupils.

Government and Local Education Authorities have now set policies which impact much deeper into the daily workings of the school catering department. Those schools that act now to change and adapt will win not only the approval and greater support of Parents but also much higher standing in their local community.

CaterMap can help you resolve all these issues. Our catering consultancy service recommends cost-effective solutions to improve your facilities, service and food. Contact us today for an informal discussion about your school catering.

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