We are proud of our reputation. Our catering consultancy clients consider us to be approachable, fair and focused, yet compassionate business specialists who deliver change and noticeable improvement.

Development, new School buildings

The school had a split site, with upper and lower school pupils accommodated approximately half a mile apart.

Funding has been obtained to redevelop the upper site and accommodate all 1600 pupils. CaterMap catering consultancy was appointed to work with the school and their architect to produce space plans, layout drawings, and market test the initial plans before final design stage.

This was a two-year project. CaterMap have also tendered the new service on behalf of the school, covering pre-qualification, tender submission and recommendations to Governors, before going on to monitor the new service in its first year.

Secondary School 1

The school employed the local direct catering service organisation. CaterMap catering consultancy were asked to provide a feasibility study identifying the risks and likely trading position for the school to provide its own catering services.

Following the presentation of a business plan to the governors, the decision was taken to self-cater.

CaterMap managed the transfer of services, working closely with the business manager and head teacher covering: TUPE, supplier arrangements, stock and financial systems and a revised layout for the dining area.

We continue to monitor the Services on a termly basis providing a fully independent audit, ongoing review of services and fresh input to move the catering services forward. This includes meeting with the school council and providing advice on healthy eating initiatives.

Secondary School 2

A self-catering school with 1400 pupils was losing large sums of money via its meals service. and the subsidy was increasing each year.

CaterMap catering consultancy was asked to coach the in-house team and assist with the restructuring of the department. The brief was to achieve a financial break-even by increasing sales and profitability rather than drastically reducing labour costs.

A number of new initiatives were proposed and introduced to the catering team and the schools catering department is now on the road to financial recovery.

Primary School

A Primary school with 420 pupils were receiving a delivered catering service from a larger school several miles away. This was beset with difficulties, ranging from delivery issues to meals that did not meet their requirements.

CaterMap catering consultancy was appointed to manage the introduction of an in-house service. An old kitchen was completely re-equipped. Advertisements were placed and a chef manager and part-time assistant were appointed. Menus were agreed, suppliers arranged, financial accounting systems introduced and new staff inducted prior to the new service commencing.

Indepedant School

A well-known independent school with a large number of boarding pupils asked CaterMap catering consultancy to review its in-house service and to bench mark it against others of a similar size and style.

A complete review was carried out with the bursar; this included a site survey, meetings with pupil representatives, school staff and catering staff, and a financial audit.

The service was tired and lacked imagination from a catering team that did a good job but had run out of ideas. New services and staff uniforms were introduced. A contemporary approach to food display was adopted and new menu ideas were implemented.

The outcome is a much-improved service which receives almost universal praise from pupils, staff and visitors.

F.E. College

A college with several campuses, appointed us for a full review of all catering services.

After assessing current shortfalls and future accommodation plans, CaterMap catering consultancy opened discussions with students and college staff to determine what services were really required. Following a presentation and discussions with the college senior management team, tender plans were made and a professional caterer was appointed.

Since then, catering sales have almost doubled and the caterer’s capital investment will be recovered within three years. Recent surveys confirm that staff and students love the new facilities.

Let us help your School

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