The CaterMap team

CaterMap are experienced, independent, specialist catering advisors working exclusively within the UK education sector to provide hands-on catering support, advice and direction.

Our task is to help you achieve and maintain outstanding catering services which are popular and affordable. We offer practical catering advice to schools, colleges and universities.

John Crowther

John Crowther, FRSH

During a career spanning more than twenty five years in the catering industry John has worked as a Chef, Catering Manager, Area Manager, Regional Manager and Independent consultant specialising in all sectors of UK education catering. He has successfully negotiated change, restructuring and service improvements for more than 200 clients around the country.

Working with clients in Schools, Colleges and Universities has equipped John to offer a wide variety of knowledgeable and impartial advice to customers who appreciate his straight forward, no nonsense approach to problem solving, standards improvement and profit or loss management.

Sue Cozens

Sue Cozens

Sue has worked within the catering industry for 30 years, from chef, to general manager, trainer to area operations manager and is very experienced in the workings of educational establishments.

Sue applies practical and level-headed work methods to problem solving, people management and business growth she also has extensive experience of mobilisation, project management, and has both teaching and training qualifications.

Geoff Wills, Consultant
Craig Buckler Beng, IT & Marketing specialist

With many years experience, a wide knowledge and strong affinity with our customers, Craig and Geoff apply practical and level-headed work methods to problem solving, people management and business growth. They offer a wealth of experience in HR, purchasing, accounting, IT, internet and marketing.

Joanne Jayne, Accounts & administration

Jo looks after accounting and co-ordination of our small team ensuring the smooth running of all our office functions and customer liaison.

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