School dining hall

CaterMap Catering Consultants were asked to take a fresh look at the dining hall and facilities offered by a large secondary school. The report highlighted that:

    • the dining room was dull and uninviting for pupils.
    • queuing times were too long.
    • meals often ran out for the last pupils in the queue.

To fix the problems, the school hall was repainted and new tables were ordered. The queuing system was reviewed and changed and better menu planning and kitchen production methods were introduced.

Finally, school catering was promoted at assemblies and other their promotional materials included information leaflets for parents, collectible stickers for pupils and posters which explained how the new service worked.

The result:

  • Uptake of school meals increased by more than 25%.
  • Pupils were noticeably happier.
  • Behavioural issues were reduced.
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